Below is a list of all stens reference charts; these charts contain the most common parts in each category. Use these reference charts to locate your part with ease rather than searching through the catalog to find your part. These files are meant for locating parts fast so they are not connected with your shopping cart so when you locate the items you need just copy the stens part number and enter it in your shopping cart to view the item and add it to your order.

Bearing Cross Reference
Blade Size Chart
Carb Kit Application
Eng HP to Model No Guide
Trimmer Head Application
True Blue Belts Cross Ref
True Fit Belt Size Chart
Valve Chart
Tire Sealer Application Guide
Idler Cross Reference
Eng_Equip Identification
Spark Plug Application
Spark Plug Interchange
Sprocket Cross Reference

Briggs & Stratton Fast Moving Guide
Briggs & Stratton Quick Ref
Honda Fast Moving Guide
Honda GX110 Quick Ref
Honda GX110 Quick Ref
Honda GX140 Quick Ref
Honda GX160 Quick Ref
Honda GX200 Quick Ref
Honda GX240 Quick Ref
Honda GX270 Quick Ref
Honda GX340 Quick Ref
Honda GX390 Quick Ref
Honda GX610, 620, 670 Quick Ref
Kawasaki Eng Appl
Kawasaki Fast Moving Guide
Kohler Fast Moving Guide
Kohler Quick Ref
Model Number Guide
Tecumseh Fast Moving Guide
Tecumseh Quick Ref

Exmark Fast Moving Guide
Exmark Lazer Z HP Quick Ref
Exmark Lazer Z XS Quick Ref
Exmark Metro HP & 5 Quick Ref
Exmark Turf Tracer HP Quick Ref
Exmark Viking Hydro Quick Ref

Grass Hopper:
Grasshopper 325 Quick Ref
Grasshopper 718 Quick Ref

Great Dane:
Great Dane Chariot Quick Ref
Great Dane Scamper Quick Ref
Great Dane Super Surfer Quick Ref

Husqvarna 371K-375K Quick Ref
Husqvarna 371K_375K Quick Ref#366B
Husqvarna 3120K Quick Ref
Husqvarna Husky Quick Ref
Husqvarna iZ Quick Ref
Husqvarna K960 Quick Ref
Husqvarna LZ Quick Ref
Husqvarna Walk WH3615E Quick Ref
Husqvarna Walk WH4817EFQ Quick Ref
Husqvarna WG4815E Quick Ref
Husqvarna_Partner K750 Quick Ref#DFD4
Husqvarna-Partner K950 Quick Ref
Husqvarna-Partner K1250 Quick Ref

Hustler: Hustler ICS Concrete Saw Quick Ref
Hustler Super Mini Z Quick Ref
Hustler Super Z Quick Ref

John Deere:
John Deere 22 cutting head Quick Ref#0295
John Deere 737_757 Quick Ref#C67D
John Deere 1445 Quick Ref
John Deere 2243 Greensmower Quick Ref
John Deere 2500 Tri-Plex Quick Ref
John Deere Fast Moving Guide
John Deere Walk Quick Ref
John Deere Walk-Behind Quick Ref

Stihl TS350 Quick Ref
Stihl TS400 Quick Ref
Stihl TS460 Quick Ref
Stihl TS510 Quick Ref
Stihl TS700_800 Quick Ref
Stihl TS760 Quick Ref

Scag Fast Moving Guide
Scag Sabre Tooth Tiger Quick Ref
Scag STHM Quick Ref
Scag SW Walk-Behind Quick Ref
Scag SWZ Walk-Behind Quick Ref
Scag SWZU Ultimate Walk Quick Ref
Scag Tiger Cub Quick Ref
Scag Turf Tiger Quick Ref
Scag Wildcat Quick Ref

Snapper Fast Moving Guide
Snapper Push Quick Ref
Toro Fast Moving Guide
Toro Greensmaster 3100 Quick Ref
Toro Greensmaster Quick Ref
Toro Z500 Quick Ref

AYP Fast Moving Guide
Bad Boy Lightning Quick Ref
Coupler Nozzle Size Ref.
Bobcat Hydro Walk-Behind Quick Ref
Cub Cadet Fast Moving Guide
Dixie Chopper Quick Ref
Echo Fast Moving Guide
Encore Walk-Behind Quick Ref
Ferris Hydro Walk DD Quick Ref
Homelite Fast Moving Guide
Jacobsen Greensking Quick Ref
Kerosene Heater Wicks Appl
Makita, Wacker, Dolmar Quick Ref
MTD Fast Moving Guide
Murray Fast Moving Guide
Partner K650-700 Quick Ref
Portable Heater Parts Appl
Ryobi Fast Moving Guide
Wright Stander Quick Ref
Walker Model C Quick Ref